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Judy Woods

In this section I want to pay tribute to wonderful abstract artists of different nationalities and different styles. Most of them are not known to the big public, but they are ones that have greatly inspired me and expanded my understanding of what is possible.

So, here is an artist that I admire for their unique vision, true knowledge of their inner self that they manifest in their work and the passion that exudes in the images they create.

Featured artist: Judy Woods

Now, here is something to lighten your day. I discovered this wonderful New Zealand artist, Judy Woods. She creates art that elevates. It is hilarious, beautiful and leaves you with a delightful feeling.

The work is layer rich and the colours that she uses are a combination of lovely contrasts. Put together with an insightful understanding of composition. As a result, she has won numerous awards for her work.

As she puts it:

”I don’t want my work to be literal. I want it to be interpreted by the viewer as they bring their perspective to it, and experience surprise by unpredictable combinations of the accidental and intentional; the laboured and freemarks, in paint and mixed media. When these combinations culminate in a rich balance that is satisfying and holds the viewer’s attention I feel the painting is complete.

My inspiration is really ‘life’. There are so many analogies between the process of painting and life in general. Life is largely unplanned, you respond to what shows up along your path, it requires discipline, risk, and curiosity to search for your place and identity in the greater picture. All this is true in the process of painting also.”

One thing to mention here also is: I love the way she titles her work! Take ”A complete guide to everything” for instance. That is genious and charming. Art needs not to be dead serious. Humor belongs in life. And it belongs in art as well.

Happy, cheerful greetings to New Zealand!

A complete guide to everything – copyright: Judy Woods
abstract art
I remember you Pont Vecchio – copyright: Judy Woods
Jettyland – copyright: Judy Woods
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