Kitty Sabatier

When exploring artists that use minimalist expression in their work, I recently came accross with Kitty Sabatier, a french artist whose work embraces calligraphy, mixed media and subtle earthly colours. By far, I find her work to be the most captivating pieces that I’ve witnessed for a long time.

There is a sense in her works, that communicate them not being artificial or (wo)man made, but of being born of nature’s gentle touch. Everything is balanced and in an order that is somehow chaotic, but still has patterns that are stable. Restful. There is a sooth inside.

If I had a Sabatier’s work in my living room, I can imagine it somehow dominating the whole space, but in the same time fitting into everything seamlessly. And there lies the power of her work. They are a part of the visible world in a manner that does not interfere but more like, they integrate. Build bridges. Create a silent communication between self and the space.

As Stephanie de Surmont’s pages state:

Kitty Sabatier was born in the south of France where she lives and works.

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, she worked in Paris for 10 years in communication and publishing.

She teaches calligraphy and plastic arts at the Condé school.

At the same time as her training activity, she exhibits her personal work and responds to graphic orders.

The practice of calligraphy and drawing is at the origin of his fascination for the line in all its forms.

Construction and deconstruction, establishment of the void, entanglements of lines and shapes.

Well done, Kitty. Here’s a true fan.

Visit Kitty’s website here >>

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