Matthias Lupri

In this section I want to pay tribute to wonderful abstract artists of different nationalities and different styles. Most of them are not known to the big public but they are ones that have greatly inspired me and expanded my understanding of what is possible.

So, here is an artist that I admire for their unique vision, true knowledge of their inner self that they manifest in their work and the passion that exudes in the images they create.

Featured artist: Matthias Lupri

« One can truly find their inner path by letting their work unfold naturally. »

Singulart – a website – writes the following: “Lupri is an exciting American artist whose work has been widely exhibited across the United States. Inspired by art’s power to facilitate his own self-discovery, he lets a narrative theme naturally unfold onto the canvas, inspired by memory, dreams and reflections. His resulting paintings, from abstract landscapes to figurative portraits, are distinctively intriguing.”

Matthias Lupri was born in Germany 1964. As well as being a painter, he is also a musician.

I came across with Lupri’s work about 4 years ago. The world was never the same for me after that. His work is beautiful but the world in them is not polished and shiny. Sometimes you could even find it brutal as it occasionally dives deep inside to the paths unknown. But in the end it leaves you with tranquile state of mind.

I love his work. You can view more of it here:


A Still of the Night – 2019 – Copyright: lupri.com
Primal Embrace – 2014 – Copyright: lupri.com
A Pendulum Time Semblance – 2021 – Copyright: lupri.com
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