Patricia O’Black

In this section I want to pay tribute to wonderful abstract artists of different nationalities and different styles. Most of them are not known to the big public, but they are ones that have greatly inspired me and expanded my understanding of what is possible.

So, here is an artist that I admire for their unique vision, true knowledge of their inner self that they manifest in their work and the passion that exudes in the images they create.

Featured artist: Patricia O’Black

Patricia O’Blacks work takes over the viewer with a strong grip. Strong layering and the depths are built mostly on wooden panel. 

When viewing and experiencing abstract art, it has always made a strong impression on me, when a work seems as it was built by nature in a long period of time. Not by a human hand. There is something of this concept found in O’Blacks art. 

A masterful use of colours combined with beautiful composition (telling you, not easy in abstract art) make viewing her work a pure pleasure. 

Patricia O’Black has been an artist for over 30 years. She lives in Glencoe, MO, United States.

She describes her working methods in the following way:

“Each board is a fresh page. There is no planning stage, there is only the energy created in the studio itself. To make a painting, I apply multiple layers of acrylic paint onto hardboard with a palette knife. The paint must remain fluid so that I can throw it on. Several layers are scraped & scratched, one through another. Although not considered a tool as such, music is the last & most important element of my painting process. I am influenced by the music playing in my studio. For example, the series called Middle-Earth was done entirely while listening to David Arkenstone.While painting, I aim to create & unify dissimilar elements that might not otherwise stand alone. I keep watch on the evolution, encouraging it to grow while allowing for balance. I love what I do. There is nothing but the act of painting itself that brings such satisfaction to my soul. There is no anger or frustration, only the output of creativity moving through the knife. In the end, it’s all about controlled magic.”

Magic. That is what I sense in her work. A presence of magic.

copyright: Patricia O’Black
copyright: Patricia O’Black
copyright: Patricia O’Black
copyright: Patricia O’Black
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