Enigma – New series of work

Dear diary. I’ve been working on a new series of work for a few months. I call the series ”Enigma”. It is going to be a collection of 15-20 paintings that compiles together things from my journey as an artist, past and present. Thematically, technically and colourwise.

As I’ve grown as a painter I seem to find more bold ways to use colour. My early works from few years back were dark and the colours were mostly muted. I think of it as a mirror to what happened in the world back then and how it also reflected to my own personal life.

My humble wish is to complete the work by June or July this year. Will be happy to show it to the world then, as I am excited and full of positive energy.

Below you can find an iPhone shot from one of the earliest works of Enigma.

Coming back to you with this soon.

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