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Enigma IV

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, 2023

Enigma refers to something that is a mystery or an unclear concept or a person or a thing to somebody. They are not only things or concepts that confuse us or make life more difficult, but can also be driving forces to motivate us to find motivation or a solution to carry on and make the next steps.

Enigma is a force that seeks balance. That balance is clarity. There cannot be an answer unless there is a question. And there cannot be a solution unless there is a problem.

Human mind seeks to find narrative during the course of life. We struggle to unfold the mysteries that we cannot understand. These enigmas are an essential part of our journey for they keep us on the track and force us to find alternative angles to face life. To change the script that life writes as we follow the paths it offers to us.

I started to paint the series “Enigma” in the midst of a time that I was given answers to questions that had been puzzling me for years or decades. Only to find out, the real struggle happens not in the world outside, but within us. As we carry the enigmas, we also carry the resolutions. Together they create the beautiful sea of chaos, where we sail on our leaky boats. Sometimes to find the comforting shore.

Definition and meaning of Enigma by Marriam-Webster dictionary:

“Enigma comes from a Greek word that means ”to speak in riddles.” It applies to things, as well as to people, that puzzle one’s mind.

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