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Lowside of the Road

Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2022

Lowside of the Road is a song by Tom Waits and it appears on the album Mule Variations. It is a crumbling lo-fi adventure that has no clear narrative. It almost seems to fall apart as it progresses towards the end that is still predictable. Everything seems broken and unclear. Grey, black, and white with a hint of deep hue of red.

Orphans includes solitary pieces that have been born in different kinds of circumstances, moods and time spans. They are flashes of the time being and life lived. Their theme is individual of kind and separate of the other themes presented here.

The paintings – Inspired by Music – have been made under the influence of a particular soundscape. Colours and forms resemble music. Music consists of structure and mood. To me they are forever, a loving couple.

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