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Abstract art

Abstract art

Ville Olkkonen

Abstract art

A site and a life dedicated to abstract art

I am a Finnish artist, exploring the enormous possibilities of abstract art. Welcome, dear visitor. Below you can find information about me, to see my work and explore featured artists.

Who am I?

I am an artist and entrepreneur living and working in Porvoo, Finland.

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Kitty Sabatier

Reading Time: 2 minutes
When exploring artists that use minimalist expression in their work, I recently came accross with Kitty Sabatier, a french artist whose work embraces calligraphy, mixed media and subtle earthly colours. By far, I find her work to be the most captivating pieces that I’ve witnessed for a long time. There is a sense in her…
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Minimalism – Less is more

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Lately I’ve been very fascinated with minimalism. Be it photography, sculpting or a style of painting. And in paintings, especially I find abstract minimalism to be a very powerful form of expression. Minimalism is a style, where everything is stripped to a bare essence. It is where a subject is not hidden and is revealed…
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Reading Time: 2 minutes
Dear diary, As I wrote previously, during the summer 2023 I have been working on a new series of paintings. Now the work is done, but as opposed to my good intentions to make it a 15-20 piece series, it is a 9 piece collection of work. Enigma was not easy to give birth to….
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Different forms of abstract art

Abstract art comes in many flavours. In this section I am presenting the styles that the masters of the universe have shaped and formulated for us to perceive and enjoy.